young Aasimar girl, celestial commander (summoner)


Where Miriya comes from is largely a mystery. Speculation is that she came from the plain of Elysium but there is no way to be sure as she herself doesn’t remember anything from her earlier years, it is as if the first 45 years or so of her existance didn’t happen. The first known location and sighting of the girl are in Korvosa where she was found on the doorstep of one of the orphanages. Later she was sold into slavery from that very orphanage.

Unknown to herself or in fact anyone on Golarion, except for Yanika and those few who might have a clue about her when they meet her, Miriya is a reborn avatar of Sarenrae, the previous incarnation having disappeared shortly after the fall of demogorgon. In truth this has been happening for centuries, an avatar of Sarenrae appearing when needed, doing something that changes the course of history for the better and then disappearing again. The only one to know why is Sarenrae herself and she is not telling. Maybe some of the other gods have an idea why but if they know they are not talking either.

TThe truth about her age is that simply said, Miriya has only existed since right before she was found in Korvosa, there are no 45 years of childhood missing in her memory as they never happened.

The years she spent at the orphanage and on the streets of Korvosa have taught her quite a few things, such as how to survive and to know the difference between good and evil, and how narrow that line can be. There is no absolute white or black, only a gray with different shades. And now that she has felt the pull of her destiny, this time as commander of a celestial host, just as she was an oracle of life in her last lifetime, she is determined to put her knowledge and power to good use. Currently she has very little idea of who she really is, but all that is about to change…


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