An exotic prostitute working in Eel's End


Vanara isn’t her real name. Hardly anyone is able to pronounce that. So she was named Vanara.

Her family fled Minkay with the collapse of the empire and the rise of the regent.
They tried traveling by ship, but that was a mistake. Shipwrecks and pirates took their toll.

She doesn’t remember much, but found herself captive and sold into slavery.

She had some travels as a slave, and in the end found herself in Korvosa. A local crimelord took an interrest in her, and murdered her owner to make her his own.
In turn she was able to charm him, and now leads a comfortable life, choosing clients as she wishes.

She’s put a decent amount of money aside, and is now considering wether to murder Devargo and leave, or just stay around as the real power behind his little empire.


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