a cleric of Shelyn


As the son of a knight, Gallad’s early childhood was a happy one. However one of his father’s rivals was envious of his position and in order to improve his own standing arranged for him and his family to die in a fire. His life would be over at the age ripe age of 5 had his mother not risked her life to save him. Carrying him out of the house while the flames licked at her and burned away skin and flesh.

However the streets can be a dangerous place for a young child without any remaining relatives. Especially if said child lands in the hands of Gaedren. Forced into slavery, he was forced to do chores from picking pockets to catching rats for Gaedren’s pet gator. During these days, he found a holy symbol of Shelyn and having been raised religiously decided to return it to her temple. There he met an elder priestess who took pity on the young orphan and wanted to take care of him. However Gallad feared for her safety and decided to reject his offer stating that he was perfectly content the way he was. He never knew whether she believed or if she simply wanted to protect his pride, but she accepted his claims and gave him the symbol as a keepsake. Over time , he often found his way back to the temple and talked to the priestess about everyday things to things of fait and what it means to be a good person. Despite his suffering at Gaedren’s hands he was happy for the first time in a very long time.

However this changed when Gaedren found his amulet and demanded he told him where he found it. The only thing he told him was “That amulet is a symbol of my faith and does not belong in your corrupting hands, return it and I will forgive you.” The torture he had to endure for his act of defiance would have broken him ten times over, but no matter how hard Gaedren screamed and beat him he only told him the same thing over and over again before closing his eyes and fully accepting his death. The next morning he woke up and while his wounds were still visible, none of them hurt and the song of a songbird sounding faintly in the distance.

Gallad remained a follower of Shelyn, however in order to protect the old priestess decided to outwardly reduce his enthusiasm. When he witnessed the marriage of one of his friends with a djinn he made his choice and escaped Gaedren’s captivity in order to become a full fledged cleric of Shelyn.

While the training was difficult, Gallad took to it brilliantly and slowly the wounds of his past started to heal. However the greatest turning point in his life came from meeting Cassandra. A young artist, she came to the temple in order to find inspiration for her next creation. While at first the two of them couldn’t stand each other, slowly they started to fall in love. Gallad opened her eyes to the side of the world her parents wanted to keep hidden from her, while she taught him more about art and love then all his training combined.

The time they spend together were the greatest moments in his life, when he entered priesthood he had expected to help others find their love but not to find it himself. But love will always be a hurricane, swooping you up when you least expect. During his last year of training, a terrible disease plagued the countryside and the clerics were tasked to capacity and beyond. So too did Cassandra fell to this disease, despite all the care Gallad and the clerics had given her. The clerics said that he should take some time to grief but he told them “No matter how much time is given this pain will never go away, thus I will shield as many from it as I can and make my peace after all is done.”

When he finished his training, he decided to return to Korvosa in an attempt to help those that needed it and to see if he can restore its inner beauty.



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