Cressida Kroft

Field Marshal of the Korvosan Guard


Cressida Kroft is the Field Marshal of the Korvosan Guard, hand-selected by the late King Eodred II to report directly the Korvosa’s current monarch.

Cressida Kroft is a dark-haired Chelexian woman commonly seen dressed in red armor. She carries herself with a composed, confident manner even under the strain of recent times of anarchy and plague in Korvosa.
Work for the City

Cressida has worked with adventurers before and knows how to treat them, rewarding them well and providing free lodging in Citadel Volshyenek. In fact, since Cressida reports directly to the monarchy and must show obedience to the law, she has a wily way of hiring adventurous heroes to take care of dirtier business that the Korvosan Guard cannot or will not handle.
For example, there are many times where the guard cannot act against a certain, protected crime lord. One such crimelord is the Spider King, who, although Cressida is very aware of his criminal dealings (though unsure of how far they branch out), the guard cannot touch because of the criminal’s proper adherance to legality and payment of vice taxes, relying on thugs to carry out his dirty work. In fact, it can be said that Cressida’s allowing of adventurers to deal with crimanals as they see fit (so long as no property is damaged) is her playing at the same game, circumventing the exactness of law with outside agents.



Cressida Kroft

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